January 2024/New Year’s Update

Here we go, another year, hurrah, hurrah!

Highlights of 2023:  Air & Weather collaborated with Kiehl’s for an event at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, and I was able to meet with some other amazing local makers, in addition to hosting a couple concert-in-the-park fragrance sample giveaways with the Stuyvesant Square Park Neighborhood Association.

This past summer, I attended a couple of fabulous cosmetic packaging goods conventions–you’d be amazed by the efforts and innovations pushing toward sustainability in this market. I recently joined a formulation lab, where I’ve been taking a deep dive into working with botanicals and the latest hot topic, buzz-worthy developments in skincare.

I completed a book manuscript and am in the process of finding a home for it.  Much thanks to Augustine Strings for asking me to write the bio on Rose Augustine for a beautifully printed booklet, which was distributed to the Guitar Foundation of America’s 2023 event.  And much thanks to the engineers at Metropolis Studios in London for their superb work mastering several guitar tracks for a forthcoming album.

It’s been an incredible past year filled with some amazing adventures and catching up with old, dear friends whilst meeting new ones.

I’m planning one or two new fragrance releases for 2024, in addition to new music.  I’ve started the new year tinkering with several fragrance accords. The process is very much like writing a book or a piece of music.  (I have another top-secret fragrance formula prepared that ties in with the new book, too.). This probably sounds like a lot but, trust me, it’s all slokey-pokey. Until it isn’t! And I suppose my posting regularity here attests to that.

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