Winter Windows Painting Series

I’ve started a new painting series and we will see where it goes by the end of this month as I am off to the races in February with much travel. First, the guitar track to keep in mind, a source of inspiration and theme, from Empire of Light:

I am painting backward in the time scheme.  This first painting is Winter Window, Dawn Glow, acrylic painted on canvas stretched over a wood frame, silver gilding. (12x6x.75)  (Prints are available on SaatchiArt.)  The inspiration:  I was wide awake and watched the progression of light coming in through a completely frosted over window.  This first painting is of the full stream of morning light shining through, moments before the frost melted away.

My guitar track “Ice Wing” is actually based on an experience of walking along Lake Michigan one winter with my father, exploring an unusual phenomenon one year of shoreline ice castles created by overlapping waves that had frozen over.  The music captures the sound of the rippling shadows of color and sounds of the water eddying (yes, dangerously) beneath the ice.

I am planning 2 more paintings to complete this series…

Winter Window, Dawn Glow


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