On Julia’s Writing

“Crowe (guitarist, composer, journalist, and teacher) impressively executes heartfelt storytelling gleaned from hundreds of interviews with the “who’s who” of players (Dick Dale, Seymour Duncan, Alex Lifeson, Albert Lee, Scotty Moore, Steve Vai, etc.), and she delivers the goods in unique first-person accounts. Les Paul recounts acquiring a $3.95 Sears-Roebuck guitar after his mother gave him grief for playing piano (“it’s not convenient”) and the drums (“she immediately ordered that out of the house”). The rest is history, as they say, but this book is testament. It’s not just about the first guitars or the players themselves, really. It’s much more: the follow-up from that first chance meeting—that coming-of-age experience with music. This is life, told and celebrated through guitar.”
–Tessa Jeffers, Premier Guitar

“Scotty’s copy of this book came two days ago, and he has already been paging through it. I read his little section and it is the only time I have read anything that was EXACTLY as Scotty said it. He thought the same…”
– Gail Pollock, manager for Elvis Presley’s guitarist Scotty Moore

On My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords: “Ask a musician to talk about their first instrument and it seems they are off and running, full of anecdotes, joy, and poetic longing, describing those beat-up first guitars as if they were their first loves, which in many ways they undoubtedly were.”
—Graham Parker, Singer/Songwriter

On My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords: “Within these pages you will find fascinating stories of the early playing days of a wide range of guitarists, and insights into what drew us each to this marvelous instrument in the first place and what keeps us all devoted to this simple box with six strings.”
—Lee Ranaldo, guitarist of Sonic Youth

On My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords: “Crowe captures what all of her interview subjects share: a love, sublime or offbeat, of the instruments that inspired them to make music.”
Publisher’s Weekly

On My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords: “Overall, this book is entertaining, and for the fan of the instrument, creates a very poignant picture of the rise of the guitar in pop culture.”
San Francisco Book Review

“I find your interviews/articles some of the most intellectually curious and articulate out there.”
– Evan Hirschelman, guitarist/composer, California

“You can count me among your regular readers, through Classical Guitar Magazine.”
– Louis Trepanier, Canadian Guitar Quartet

“I just came across the interview you did with Andrew York in Classical Guitar Magazine. Nice job and most insightful. Andrew is probably one of my main influences…I really love his music a lot.”
Bob Westcott, New York

“Your Classical Guitar Magazine article turned out BEAUTIFULLY! So glad you were able to talk with Howard Shore, too. Thanks for the great work.”
– Sharon Isbin, Grammy-award winning guitarist, New York

“Just read your Letter from New York column about Roland Dyens and the Guitar Marathon, and really enjoyed your comments. Particularly loved the part about ‘curator’ v. presenter… Your writing is brilliant, very colorful and clear.”
– R.E. Brune, luthier, Evanston, Illinois

“This is the best interview I have had in a long time. Thank you again for a wonderful job.”
– Jorge Morel, guitarist, New York

“For those of you not on planet earth, Julia Crowe is one of the most important voices in our Guitar World both Classical and Non-Classical Guitar. Her “Letter From New York” column in the great pages of Classical Guitar Magazine, published by my dear friend MAURICE SUMMERFIELD, continues to spotlight the many diverse Guitar Happenings in the Big Apple with dignity and class. Over the last few issues of Classical Guitar Magazine, she gave us a very important look at how our instruments are handled by the Airlines and also wrote an all too brief look at the great Guitar Shop we have here in New York run by amiable Tony Acosta – Luthier Music Corp, 341 West 44th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue! Julia’s incredible talent is constantly seen in so many guitar magazines almost every month and also online magazines like the Mel Bay’s Guitarsessions! I admire this young woman tremendously for all she has done for our great instrument.”
-Don Witter, Jr., New York

“I was going through some old Acoustic Guitar mags and I came across the issue from January of 2006 with your cover story of John Hammond. As I re-read it I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the piece the first time I went through it. Being a fan of John’s, it was nice to see him get the treatment he deserves. IMHO, it seems when it comes to blues, he is often overlooked and underrated. I was also pleased to re-read the info about the 000 he plays. Your piece was the first I’ve read that really went into that. Great piece. It was certainly one of the best and most enjoyable articles I’ve read in quite some time. Thank you for writing it!”
-Robert Kimmel, California

“Julia’s book, My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords provides inspiration to musicians which can be applied to any passion in life. The interviews bridge musical styles and cultures with a shared love for guitar. The reader becomes like a ship gliding alongside to share in the guitarist journey and passion. This is where legends of Rock, Classical, Jazz as well as artisans reveal their humble sides that we can all relate to.

“The author’s own story is equally as inspiring as those of any of her subjects and it reads like an adventure equivalent to Twain or Dickens. My First Guitar is a truly great read for music fans, musicians and those who just love good stories.”

Ben Kirkland, Katy TX