Guitar Lessons With Julia

Julia is offering Skype guitar lessons for children and adults.  Ms. Crowe is an award-winning guitarist, composer and experienced teacher, adept at teaching classical and electric guitar as well as instructing the beginning student to the professional.

She is the author of My First Guitar, a compilation of 70 legendary artists personally interviewed by Ms. Crowe.  She is also the editor of with over 10 years of experience writing cover stories, features and columns for major U.S. and international guitar publications.

Where else could you have a lesson from the comfort of your own home (without worrying about having to clean up the place) AND be able to receive great coaching?

Julia is offering private lessons in 30 and 45-minute lessons and 1 hour long Skype guitar lessons.  For details and scheduling, please write to julia (at) the-guitar (dot) com.

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